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LEHMANN, was structured in order to do Cataphoresis and Powder Coating on the metal surfaces establishing the foundation using the latest technology in this area. The basic principles of our policy related to the Customer-Oriented approach are;

  • Monitoring the quality of demands of customers
  • Setting targets to adapt new developments in this sector and supplying required resources;
  • Activating all the policies and methods in the direction of our goals in accordance with regulations of the Quality Management System

LEHMANN Top Management is aware of the importance of understanding and adoption of LEHMANN’s Quality Policy by its employees and responsible to provide these conditions and improvement.

I undertake on behalf of the Senior Management of LEHMANN monitoring the convenience to Quality Policy regulations and improving the system depending on the changing conditions.

Genel Müdür
Osman Özdemir


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001